Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Diapers what an expense!!!

Okay I am not into cloth diapering, actually I did try it with my little miss, but she is my third, and I am busy!!! However, I do claim to be thrifty and I have found awesome deals for all my diapering needs. This week at my local Kroger store they had a promo if you spend $20 in Huggies product you will get back a catalina for $5 off your next purchase, on top of that Huggies had a catalina running too. If you bought 2 packs of diapers get $3 catalina. Not sure if you bought more how much it would be. Also about a month ago on my stores FB page they offered a ecoupon for $3 off a $15 diaper purchase. I had that already loaded to my card.:) I coupon and I get three sets of coupon inserts every week there are coupons (major holidays = no coupons they figure you are traveling) So here is my deal I did today: 2 jumbo packs of Huggies diapers (size 4) $9.39 a pack I had two coupons for $1.50 off and one 72 count of wipes, I had a $0.50 coupon that doubled up to $1 off. Wipes were $2.44 so total before any discounts or coupons was $21.22 and then tax was $1.60 so $22.82, now let's bring that total DOWN!!! The ecoupon took $3 off= $19.82-$4 in my paper coupons= $15.82. I also had two previous catalina coupons that were for $6 off and used those too= $9.82 out of pocket is what I spent, and I got back $8 in catalinas for next time. I love getting some sweet deals on items that I have to buy. Why not just get them a lot cheaper!!!

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