Friday, November 4, 2011

A little off the top

I have always wanted to be able to just take scissors and hack away at some persons hair, of course I have never done restraining orders here! As a little girl, I go to my own locks, probably my younger sisters too. But I learned that it was not okay, I have been waiting to cut some unsuspecting person and take off some inches.

I am NOT a hair dresser but with two little boys that are at the ages where I can cut their hair myself and they don't care what it looks like, I have been doing hair cuts for the last several years. I thought I was okay, defiantly no expert! A few weeks ago I got to sit in on a class where there was an expert. It was very informative, and though I have never picked up a pair of scissors to cut hair since I was oh about 5, I was nervous to try my hand with them. On my boys their cuts are short almost buzzed. I have always just used clippers on the entire head. I have never even dreamed of using scissors, plus they are young boys I don't need them tossing an ear or something. So its a new territory for me, and I know with practice, those scissors will become less shaky in my hands. Today my husband let me take a crack at his head. Now he is balding and shaves his head all the time, I would LOVE for him to let it grow out....just a little. So my scissors were not used too much, but I did take a little off the top!

Before Front View 

Before Back View

After Front View (Come on it's not that bad!!!
And the Back View (please excuse the hair)

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